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RIMOWA Topas and Stealth Carry-on Review

The Good: Good cop - Bad cop. Bond - Spectre. Jedi - Sith. Topas - Stealth.

They may do the job differently, but these two bags are one in the same and wow do they Get. The. Job. Done!

First of all, not only do these bags look bad-a** made completely of aluminum (and luggage made in Canada!), but the grooves of Rimowa Topas and Stealth Carry-ons are actually inspired by old German all-metal passenger planes (the Junkers F13). It really doesn't get much cooler than that. But try to stifle a groan when I bring back the classic elementary school lesson when I say, looks aren't everything here. It's what's on the inside that counts, and the inside is killer.

The first thing you'll notice trying to get inside, is's not zippered. The Rimowa Topas collection is a tongue & groove framed suitcase with a rubber gasket running along the edge of the frame. Two TSA combination locks pull the bag closed keeping it tight and secure and weather proof no matter where your travels take you. For packing and unpacking, the bags open up flat like a book, offering storage on both sides because, let's face it, one side is never enough. One side is flat so it's perfect for shirts, pants, ball gown, superhero suit, Bond tux, whatever you really feel is necessary to pack neatly. The other side holds the handle, so the bottom isn't as flat, this works perfectly for storing smaller items for your trip like toiletries, shoes etc. in and around the spaces left by the handle. Both sides secure everything you've packed using flex-divider system (brilliant way of keeping everything snug and in place) that Velcros shut and even has a zippered mesh extra pocket.

Just like Mr. Bond or the International Man of Mystery, the German's can't avoid living up to their stereotype of perfection in design and engineering and include a secret compartment on the handle side of the luggage, and so beneath a barely visible zipper, you will find a small tool. Now, this tool isn't going to shoot poisoned darts, turn into a zip-line, or give you X-ray vision, but it will do ya one better. With this nifty little tool you will be able to fix any component on your Topas or Stealth luggage. That's right. Broken wheel? Broken lock? Simply use the tool to pop out and replace these parts and I promise you'll feel like Bond anyway. with 21.7 x 15.7 x 7.9 in size and 32 liters of space inside, you'll be able to fit the rest of your spy gadgets- I mean "casual accessories" comfortably inside your carry-on anyway. Best of all, the size is approved internationally as a carry-on luggage, with room to spare. These bags promise to deliver, never question your carry-on again with Topas and Stealth.

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