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OSPREY 40L Farpoint Review

The Good: the Farpoint is On-Point!

The Review: With the Farpoint 40L backpack, Osprey has created a no wheels carry on that will get you from point A to point B (and all stops in between) without ever having to check through your bag. The backpack straps that can be zipped away (should you ever want to check the bag), and it comes with a cross body strap so it can be carried like a messenger bag, so your options for carrying this guy are wide open. It's easy to stay organized with this bag. The main pocket of the bag opens all the way around like suitcase so you can easily find all your stuff. It's also equipped with a shoe pocket, a padded laptop pocket, two mesh water bottle pockets and a chest strap that can be adjusted to sit on your chest wherever is comfortable. There is also a discreet emergency whistle which is great for women traveling alone, at night or in a generally sketchy area.

The backpack straps are made so they can be adjusted to give you the best fit possible. There are also hip straps to help take some of that weight off of your shoulders in case you want some extra support. The Farpoint also has compression straps across the front so if you don't fill up the bag you can strap it down so your stuff isn't moving around. Whether you're on the smaller side or the taller side Osprey has you covered. This bag comes in a S/M or a M/L to the size of the bag itself is the same but the fit of the backpack straps is slightly different. In our store we've found that if you're under 5'8 you'd be looking at a S/M and if you're taller than 5'8 a M/L.

The Farpoint 40L comes in Volcanic Grey, Jasper Red and Carribean Blue. If 40L isn't quite enough for you and you're looking for a bag you can check the Farpoint also comes in 55L, 70L and 80L.

Osprey also offers a lifetime guarantee so wherever you are in the world you can contact them and they will let you know how you can go about getting it fixed or replaced.

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