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Top 5 Air Canada Carry Ons

1. Briggs & Riley Baseline International 21" Carry-On Expandable Wide-Body Spinner

This bag is perfect for all kinds of travel. Whether you're traveling domestically or internationally, this carry-on has your back! The re-engineered double swivel spinner wheels offer 360 degree navigation, completely effortlessly. This makes the bag perfect to wheel down the aisle of a plane or to wheel down the aisle of a European train you're taking to tour that beautiful country. This carry on conforms to most (if not all) airline size regulations for carry on luggage so you don't have to worry. Like all Briggs & Riley luggage, this bag packs nice and flat, this just means when you're on a business trip to Toronto, you can be sure your nice clothes will arrive neat and unwrinkled without that pesky handle in the way of your packing. There really is no going wrong with this bag and with the life-time "no questions asked" warranty Briggs & Riley offers with all of their bags, who could say no?!  Get yours here!

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2. Briggs & Riley BRX Explore Commuter Expandable Upright


If weight is a concern, this bag is your answer. The BRX Explore Commuter Expandable Upright may have a heavy name, but it is one of the lightest wheeled upright carry ons in the world weighing just under 7 lbs.! Use it anywhere for anything, wheel it along smoothly down the streets of Milan or securely maneuver between wheeling and carrying through the busy London Tube. Pack away all of your essentials into this uniquely shaped piece of luggage while staying within both the domestic and international carry on regulations. And don't forget about Briggs & Riley's life-time "no questions asked" warranty! Keeping you and your bag happy for life.

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3. Patagonia Headway MLC 45L

This soft-sided bag can do it all. Not only is it a sturdy, soft sided luggage-duffel bag, but it can actually convert into a backpack! Now, you may be wondering why you would even need a piece of luggage that has three different ways to carry, well we have the answers! The Headway MLC has one strap, perfect for carrying over your shoulder or cross-body, but your shoulder can get soar quickly, wouldn't it be so much easier to simply use both straps to distribute the weight? How about if you're walking through a crowded street in Thailand, your bag keeps knocking people walking by, aggravated grunts and dirty looks coming your way, solution, backpack! Say you're walking down the tight aisle of a train traveling from Paris to Normandy, there's no room on your side for a bulky bag, carry the bag in front of you like a briefcase using the shorter handles, or backpack-it again! You get the point. Pack everything in this versatile bag with storage for a laptop, multiple interior and exterior pockets, zippered pockets and more! Don't hesitate, you know it's perfect.

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4. Samsonite MIGHTlight 19" Spinner

(Don't worry guys, it comes in Black too)

Four multi-directional wheels, durable and lightweight pan frame, carry handles, compression straps- you name it, the MIGHTlight has it. This bag is the ultimate classic carry on with a twist. Know your things are packed safely and securely in this handy carry on. Interior mesh pockets help to hold smaller or delicate items on the inside lid whil;r the entire bag is able to expand for extra packing and easier compression. You can put your mind at ease with this simple, easy to use carry on luggage. Whether your travels take you across the country or across the world! 

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5.Travelpro Crew 10 International Carry-On Spinner

This handy bag incorporates the most advanced technology for spinner luggage while maintaining a slick classic look for carry on luggage. PowerScope Extension Handle, Magna Trac wheels, Contour Grip, and Duraflex buckles. Now, don't let these big names scare you off! It essentially means you are getting the best of the best technology for your luggage! Excelling in movement, durability and of course comfort. While conforming to most airline carry on regulations, this bag is made to last and this guarantee is met by Travelpro's lifetime warranty.

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