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Luggage Reviews

Aunts & Uncles Finn Briefcase Review

The Good: Classic style in a brand new brief! The Review: A best seller at U.N. Luggage, the Aunts & Uncles Finn Business Bag is the handsomest bag in town! If you are a fan of classic bikes, classic books & classic boots...this should be your very own classic bag. A good lookin hardy briefcase built with a distinctive wear-in leather that only looks mo' better the mo' you use it. So you should! Nice bold buckles of the speedy variety make the bag very easy to open and close (no need to actually "unbuckle") and behind them you can...


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Aunts & Uncles Good Old Friends Conehead Review

The Good: Looks great, fits everything! The Review: This bag caught my eye immediately, not only does it look great but it's also the perfect bag for every day. At first glance I thought to myself, there's no way I could fit all of my textbooks, binders, notebooks AND laptop, but at 36 cm × 38 cm × 10 cm I get it all in there without any problems, everyday. With a 14" laptop compartment, a phone pocket, a key clip (best invention ever, why don't all bags have this?!), a large zippered pocket, a card slot and two pen holders even...

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Briggs & Riley Verb Pilot Carry-On Review

The Good: How about…”I can’t find anything wrong with this bag!” The Review: Ahhhh Briggs & Riley. There have been times when a company has taken a perfectly good bag and in the name of progess/change for the sake of change/sadism try and improve it…only for things to go horribly off the rails and they end up ruining their greatest creation. Guess what. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES!! If the speed of the Pilot is measured in the number of units sold, then the new Briggs & Riley Pilot is well named, as it has quite literally rocketed...

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Patagonia MLC Review

The Good: It’s a back-pack! It’s a duffle! It’s a carry-on! No, it’s the Patagonia MLC! The Review: Packs like a suitcase, wears like a cross body bag or back-pack and looks downright dashing. Carry it in your hand with ease and tuck away the back-pack straps when you want to wear it cross-body using the shoulder strap. In 2015, Patagonia even added a handle slip on the back of the bag, allowing it to be carried on top of any other bag you may be rolling with. Unlike other duffle-style bags, the Patagonia MLC opens up like a book and...

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Tumi Alpha Bravo Everett Essential Tote Review

The Good: People might just stop you on the street asking you where you bought this bad boy. The Review: Some people might use this as a business case, some might use it as a travel tote, others might find it the perfect bag to discreetly slip out of the office with a change of gym clothes. There is nothing this bag can not do! With so much storage space and security, this bag opens up a world of opportunity. See how durability meets fashion with the perfected make of the nylon/polyester bag while keeping those chic leather accents along the...

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