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 Ever been sitting around at a local coffee shop, on the bus or enjoying a nice day at the park when suddenly you have a brilliant unique idea? I'm sure it happens nearly every day, but what are you supposed to do about these ideas? On average people forget 40% of the information they have taken in in a time span of 20 minutes and can forget up to 90% of ideas after just one month! Now, here at U.N. Luggage, we don't believe you will be spending a month at your local coffee shop, bus or park, but if 40% can be lost before you reach home think of how many great ideas of yours you're missing out on! Thankfully, there's a solution. These fashionable portfolios and writing pads made from the highest of quality brands (such as Jack Georges and Osgoode Marley) are here to help you log and track those brilliant ideas. Instead of pulling out some dinky little notepad, show of one of these beautifully bound writing pads like the sophisticated brilliant person you are!


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Osgoode Marley

Osgoode Marley Cashmere Zippered File Folio


Osgoode Marley

Osgoode Marley Deluxe Letter Pad



Bellroy A4 Work Folio


Osgoode Marley

Osgoode Marley Meeting Case Folio


Jack Georges

Jack Georges Elements Letter Size Writing Pad


Osgoode Marley

Osgoode Marley Cashmere Letter Pad


Jack Georges

Jack Georges University Collection Letter Size Writing Pad Cover


Jack Georges

Jack Georges Voyager Letter Size Zippered Writing Pad Cover