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Live in Winnipeg? There are definitely some hometown advantages to buying travel bags here!

Reason #1. A better warranty.

We offer an in-store warranty on every bag we sell that…wait for it…covers airline damage! Why is this important? Almost every brand of luggage offers a warranty that is very long, but very limited. If you have only ever shopped for luggage in a department/box store it may not have been explained that should your bag ever come back to you after being handled by an airline in a different "condition" than that which you gave it to them (the airline), the manufacturers warranty no longer applies. This "condition" (missing wheels, broken zippers, stuck pull handles) is considered airline damage, and the manufacturer will not accept the responsibility of repairing it back to usable condition. This onus is on the owner of the bag. Now, should you have bought your suitcase from us here at United Nations Luggage, the onus is on us. We know that eventually your bag will need repairs or service (they all do) and so, take on the responsibility of getting your bag back to usable condition, and charge you nothing. How do we do it? We have a full time repair department, so all bags are repaired right here on site in Winnipeg. Having the ability to repair bags here locally, means things are dealt with faster than having to send and pay for a suitcase to ship across the country for service when you may need it back in time for your next vacay or business trip to Toronto. Want to know more?


Reason #2. Pricing.

We love beating department store prices. Why? Because we want you as a customer, and know that in order to get you spending money in downtown Winnipeg, we have to be more than just competitive. While we don't play the game of marking the price of inventory up only to have it on sale in perpetuity (a really long time!), we really do love getting a phone call asking if we would beat a department store price, because…of course we will! So just to be clear, yes we beat department store prices, and. . .did I mention you would still have our better in-store warranty? Check out some our pieces that are already less than department store prices.


Reason #3. Free delivery.

We recognize that not everyone has as much of an affinity for downtown as we do. We hope our central location (a block from Portage and Main) is convenient for you, and feel we can do a better job of getting you the perfect bag if you are here shopping in person. But, if you aren't as familiar with downtown, don't have a car, have a car but don't know how to park your car (you know who you are, and we like you anyway) etc. we are happy to deliver anywhere in the city for free. Please just give us a call and we will make arrangements! 204-943-1068.


Reason #4. Incentive.

If you are planning a trip, and have rightfully concluded that your best option for buying a suitcase is United Nations Luggage (better warranty, better price, better bag) we show our thanks to you by qualifying you for 25% off any travel accessories you may need for that trip. This discount extends to luggage locks, RFID accessories, packing cubes and more!


Reason #5. Luggage that lasts.

We have been selling luggage in downtown Winnipeg since 1940, and along the way to becoming a Winnipeg institution, have learned a thing or two about better bags. Whether you travel for business, are taking a cruise across the Atlantic, going on a once in a lifetime safari or simply heading back to Phoenix for some golf, we sell collections of luggage and travel bags that are the absolute best value in their price category.


Visiting Winnipeg?

It is officially, Canada's biggest small town (just ask, everyone knows everyone). When a city is left alone in the cold (literally and figuratively) as long as Winnipeg has been, certain quirks are bound to develop. And boy has Winnipeg developed some good ones! The brand new Mere Hotel is a great place to stay as it is on the doorstep of the Exchange District, which is a neighborhood in Winnipeg’s downtown made up of turn of the century monolithic brick warehouses. The Exchange is very pedestrian friendly and is the heart of Winnipeg culture, with galleries, museums, theaters & nightclubs along with many small quirky shops and restaurants. It also happens to be a National Historic site! Just down the road from the Exchange along the beautiful waterfront drive, is the Forks. A favorite spot for Winnipeggers to congregate, the Forks is part urban park, part urban market and definitely a place you will have to check out as it is a stones throw from Canada's new and beautiful Museum of Human Rights.

Crossing the Red River using the picturesque walking bridge in front of the Museum, you will discover St. Boniface, a great place to brush up on all of the French you thought you forgot, as you will find yourself sipping espresso in the largest francophone community outside of Quebec. Summer is definitely the choice time to visit, as the canopy of Elm Trees throughout the city define Winnipeg in summer as much as snow does in Winter. It's a difficult town to explain, but definitely has more pulse than a traveler would expect, and this is primarily due to the citizens of this Burg. Be sure to meet them. They'll probably invite you home for dinner! They are underdogs and overachievers, just don't insult the good people of Winnipeg, they might just bottle you…then buy your hockey team!