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Organizers & Clutches

 There is nothing more frustrating than a bag that just won't fit as much as you need it to. Thankfully, here at U.N. Luggage we carry a variety of organizers and clutches in various sizes and colours to suit whatever your needs may be, while still maintaining a fashionable look! Our high class brands such as Aunts & Uncles, Christopher Kon, Derek Alexander and many many more, know exactly how to make a bag that is both effective and fashion forward. With Organizers complete with multiple storage compartments to simple and durable clutches. We promise you will find the perfect bag for your carrying needs, whether it be your on-the-go bag to work or for a night on the town.



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35 products in this collection


Harveys Buzz Off Canvas Pouch



Lug Kickflip Convertible Wallet



Lug Kickflip V2 Convertible Wallet


Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat Vintage Drew Crossbody Bag



Pacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Wristlet Wallet


SOL Designs

SOL Designs Afterhour Clutch




Pacsafe Citysafe CS25 Anti-Theft Cross-Body & Hip Purse



Pacsafe Metrosafe LS100 Anti-Theft Cross Body Bag



Pacsafe Metrosafe LS120 Anti-Theft Hip Pack



Boconi Bryant Wristlet/Mini Clutch



Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat Dwell Abiko Clutch


Aunts & Uncles

Aunts & Uncles Pal Belt Bag



Harveys Clutch Wallet




Baggallini Athens RFID Crossbody Wallet Bag


Derek Alexander

Derek Alexander Organizer


Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat Block Aki Belt Bag



Tumi Prism Double Zip Leather Phone Case



Aunts & Uncles

Aunts & Uncles Grandmas Luxury Club Rose Clutch


Aunts & Uncles

Aunts & Uncles Grandmas Herb Garden Juniper Handbag



Christopher Kon

Christopher Kon Jenny Large Clutch



Christopher Kon

Christopher Kon Elle Zip Clutch



Aunts & Uncles

Aunts & Uncles Grandmas Herb Garden Marigold Small Handbag




Marimekko Soiree Pikku Suomu Clutch


Aunts & Uncles

Aunts & Uncles Grandma's Luxury Club Miss Fairy Cake Handbag


Derek Alexander

Derek Alexander Multi Compartment Organizer


Osgoode Marley

Osgoode Marley Small Travel Pack


Derek Alexander

Derek Alexander NS Top Zip


Aunts & Uncles

Aunts & Unlces Nice Nieces Selma Marvellous Handbag/Clutch


Aunts & Uncles

Aunts & Uncles The Hangout Alice V-Stripes Medium Handbag



Liebeskind Berlin

Liebeskind Berlin Nyala Clutch



Knomo Molton Leather Crossbody/Clutch



Tumi Alpha Organizer Travel Tote



Tumi Alpha 2 Medium Travel Tote


Jack Georges

Jack Georges University Collection Top Zip Underarm



Tumi Alpha Cross Body Travel Tote