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-What does U.N. stand for?

Ummm….United Nations…if you have to ask.

-Does U.N. Luggage have a luggage store in Winnipeg?
Wondering where Canada’s best luggage store is headquartered?  We’re located at 175 McDermot Ave. in the heart of Winnipeg's historic Exchange District and near the financial center of the city, Portage & Main. If you’ve never had the chance to check out our luggage store, we hope you can soon. We’ve turned an old warehouse into one of the premier luggage stores in Canada.

-I'm not used to driving downtown! Where do I park?
A great place to find a spot is the metered parking lot on the North-West corner of Main & McDermot between Albert & Main. You can also park at any of the meters on either side of our block or the parkade right across from our luggage store. If you are dropping off a repair or doing some quick shopping, there are 3 loading zones on our block (one in front of our store) that allow you to stop for a max of 20 minutes with your hazards on.
We also have a back entrance that faces Bannatyne. You can’t miss the sign! In the back parking lot, we have two 24-hour reserved parking spots, if they're open, feel free to park there while you shop!

-Do you repair luggage?
We do! Whether the bag was purchased through us, or another retailer, we will do our best to fix up your case! If you're not sure if it can be fixed, please bring it in, and our repair person will let you know if it's something that can be repaired. Best times to bring your luggage in are Monday-Friday, 830am-5pm, no appointment necessary! Drop-offs are also available Saturdays 10am-4pm - although the repair person doesn't work weekends, so will have to follow up with you once he's back on Monday.

**Please Note** Not all luggage is created equally! Unfortunately, there are many bags out there that cannot be repaired. If you purchase a case at a Department Store/Walmart/Winners, there's a chance this brand may not provide parts for repairs. If you have questions about repairs, please give us a call 1-855-943-1068.

-What is typically covered under warranty?
Some warranties can be pretty deceiving! There are only a small handful of brands that cover 100% of damage that can happen to a suitcase. Most warranties only cover manufacturers defects.  What's considered a manufacturers defect? Well, if you purchase a bag, bring it home, and while you're packing notice that a seam was sewn short, or the zipper doesn't do up properly - this is a defect! Bring the bag back, or give us a call and we will help you out!  What is NOT a manufactures defect? You travel with the bag, and the wheel breaks on the first trip, sorry, that will not be covered by the Manufacturer's warranty. Please read your brands warranty information fully (including the small print) for a better understanding of how your warranty works.

-My suitcase was damaged by an airline, is it covered?
Depends! Certain brands DO cover airline damage - if you have a Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek, or Osprey bag - you're in luck! Most other warranties, however, do not include this in their coverage. Regardless of the brand, we suggest that if you ever get your suitcase back with any sort of damage - file a claim with your airline. Most airlines require a claim to be filed within 24hours, so be sure to give your bag a full once-over when it's back in your hands!

-What bag do YOU travel with?
When possible I travel with a carry-on luggage, and my favourite wheeled carry-on luggage piece of all time is the Briggs & Riley Baseline. I also use an old leather Tumi duffle for really short trips and that bag is aging so well I tend to use it for trips that is was not intended for!

-Where do you ship to?
At this time, we're only set up to ship within Canada and the US - we offer Free Shipping within Canada on orders over $99. All shipments going to the US are charged a flat shipping fee of $40 CAD. If you live outside of Canada and the US an have an account with a carrier that you typically use, please reach out to us, and we'll see what we can do!

-When will I receive my order?
We try to process and ship orders on the same day we receive them, however, sometimes it will ship next day, depending on what time the order is placed. All orders placed after 1pm on Friday will ship out on Monday afternoon. You'll receive an email notification with tracking information as soon as your order is shipped.
We ship via Canada Expedited Post. Shipments generally take 3-5 business days to arrive. Depending on where you live, it could take a few days longer. If you feel your order is taking too long to arrive, or you're having issues with your tracking information, please give us a call 1-855-943-1068, or send us an email
If you need an item sooner than the time frame mentioned above, please contact us and we can look into faster shipping options for you.

-What is your return policy?
We accept returns within 14 days of purchase - as long as the item has not been used and all original hang tags are still attached.

It is the customer's responsibility to ship the item back to us as at our store address:
U.N. Luggage
175 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg MB
R3B 0S1
We recommend getting tracking and proof of delivery for your return.
Once we receive the return, and it meets the above criteria, we will issue a full refund on the method that was used to make the purchase. Should we receive the item back in used or damaged condition, we reserve the right to adjust the amount being refunded.
If you'd like to exchange an item you purchased for a different size, colour or style, please contact us and we can determine the best way to proceed.

-The item I want says "Out of stock" - what now?'
If an item says "Out of Stock" on our website, please feel free to reach out to us and we'll let you know when you can expect that item to be re-stocked. We are constantly receiving new inventory, wait times for out of stock items is usually 7-10 days. We're always happy to take your information and let you know when items become available again. We try our best to ensure that the inventory on our website is accurate, however, sometimes items sell out in store before we're able to adjust the inventory online. Should you order an item that is out of stock, we will contact you right away and advise on when that item will be coming back in.

-There's a bag that I want, but I don't see it on your website - can you order it in?
If it's from a brand we carry, we're happy to try! If you're after something that you do not see on our website, please contact us and we can see if it's something we can bring in for you.

-Are products online also available in store?
We try to stock the majority of our online items in store, however, some items may sell out. If there's something you see online that you'd like to see in person, please reach out to us and we can verify it's available in store before you make the trip down.

-Are in-store and online pricing promotions the same?
Not always. We do our best to keep on top of what is happening with pricing in the marketplace, but that sometimes means that prices may change online before we have a chance to change prices in store and vice versa.

-Do you price match?
We do! See what qualifies for our Price Match Guarantee here

-Does U.N. Luggage provide customers click & collect for luggage sales in Winnipeg?

We offer an "In-Store Pick-Up" option at checkout, simply complete your purchase online and it'll be ready to go in-store the following day. If you need immediate pick-up, please let us know!




-How do I know if my carry-on will fit in the overhead bin?
We list the dimensions for all of our bags on the product page. Please check with your airline for their specific carry-on dimensions to ensure the bag that you're looking at is the right size. Our most popular selling size is 21 x 15 x 9" these dimensions are suitable for Air Canada & Westjet.

-What is the difference between International, Domestic & Widebody Carry-On luggage?
Although domestic generally indicates a U.S. Based carrier, the luggage and travel industry do not have a set of defined terms for bags, so what one brand might call domestic, another might call international and a third might call widebody. It does get confusing, and so would always recommend talking to staff before completing a purchase so we can help assist getting you the carry-on you are expecting.

-What is the size of a "Personal Item"?
A Personal Item is any bag that you would normally carry with you - be it a handbag, briefcase, shoulder bag, small backpack etc.. Your personal item has to fit under the seat in front of you. That size varies from airline to airline, however if it's softsided bag, you should be able to stick to around 6 x 10 x 17" -  and maybe even bigger if it's an unstructured bag that can be squished down to a smaller size.

- 2-Wheel Suitcase vs 4-Wheel Suitcase - is one better than the other?
2-Wheel cases (uprights) allow you a couple extra inches of packing space, which can be valuable in a smaller bag. Traveling carry-on only and want to take advantage of maximum capacity? 2-Wheel may be the option for you!
4-Wheel cases can be much easier to maneuver around, especially with a larger sized, heavy bag. Being able to pull it along side you, rather than drag it behind, takes all of the weight off of your wrist. There's no right or wrong number of wheels, go with what you feel would benefit you the most.

- What's the difference between Hardside & Softside luggage?
 I love this question…when you’re in the store and I can easily explain these differences showing bags side by side. If that’s too difficult, please give us a call!

-What makes a bag Anti-Theft?
We carry 2 Anti-Theft Brands - Pacsafe & Travelon. Their bags are secure and keep you protected from pickpockets and thieves. Features include: Exomesh lining, slash-proof straps, lockable zippers, RFID pockets etc... allowing you to travel with peace of mind.

-I keep seeing "RFID" - What does that mean, and why is it important?
RFID stands for “Radio-Frequency Identification” and refers to a technology where digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels are captured by a reader via radio waves... this is great because it allows us to use the TAP feature on your credit cards, among other things, but this chip can also be scanned and read by hackers trying to steal your information. With technology these days, thieves can use something as simple as a phone app to scan your information from feet away. RFID blocking wallets and pockets in bags prevent this from happening. How does it work? RFID blocking sleeves are lined with either copper or aluminum, which prevent the radio waves from accessing your information, keeping your cards and passports safe and secure.

-I'd like a Rimowa but you barely have stock - what's the deal?!
In 2016, Rimowa was purchased by Louis Vuitton, in the year following, they decided to cut off all of their independent retailers and sell only from their own Rimowa stores. They also changed their collections/colours and shut down local repair facilities like ours. If you’re looking for a good quality alternative that is easier to service (because every suitcase eventually needs to be tuned up!) we suggest some of the new collections from Briggs & Riley or Tumi.

-Which Brands have the best warranty?
Briggs & Riley definitely have the best warranty of any bag brand in the market place

-I saw a department store selling the same bag at a much higher price on sale for 70% off! Why is your pricing different?
Department stores hike their prices way up, just to be able to mark them down to their regular price, so it looks like you're getting a great deal - when in fact you're really only paying for what the bag is actually worth. Don't be fooled by this high pricing structure. You may think you're getting a $450 bag for a steal of a deal at $90, but just be aware that the bag is only worth the $90 that you spent.