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Possibly Canada's greatest city to travel? It's definitely in the running, and is truly so different than Canada's other great cities it might need a category of it's own. It's like traveling to Europe minus the jet lag! You can buy wine at the corner store (depanieur), tote it along to some of Canada's most famous dining spots (Joe Beef anyone?), stay up way later than the rest of the country while enjoying Montreal's legendary nightlife & then skip breakfast in lieu of lunch at Schwartz's! All this criss crossing town will allow you to take in some of Montreal's amazing architecture. The city itself is old by North American standards, so has its fair share of beautiful old buildings, banks and churches but has also been designated a UNESCO City of Design due to some of the mid century to modern projects it has developed (check out Habitat 67). Has anyone ever gone to Montreal and not had a good great time? Be sure to bring a LeSportsac come back bag, because the shopping is amazing! You'll also want a Travelon Micro Scale to be sure the airline doesn't get any more of your money!