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Regina. If there is a weekend to visit, you MUST go during the Labour Day Classic. There could and should be a whole documentary series revolving around the cast of characters (if you can call an entire city a cast) who's green pride is practically blinding. Book your room well in advance, and do some research on the difference between Boh, Great Western & Pilsner. Prepare to spot the "Elk" and prepare for good times. A nice way to relax before the big game is to head over the wonderful Albert Street bridge and take a stroll through Wascana park. Now that you've got what the tourism board would term official "sightseeing" out of the way, do yourself a favour and find Bushwackers brew pub, or a patio across from central park and enjoy the buzz. Both your own and the Cities. A visit to Regina requires a tough practical suitcase…that can also substitute as a beer tub! The other must is a pair of Bucky eye shades and ear plugs, you may want to drown out some of the post game parties, and will want to sleep past sun-up the morning after the game.