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Saskatoon. Who doesn't love angled parking…and how do I get my city some? I'm not sure who planned this city, but they should get a reward. Saskatoon has a comfortable downtown with some good dining and drinking spots, that is bordered by a beautiful river walk. A short walk from downtown across the Broadway bridge brings you to…Broadway! Here it may dawn on you that this place and these people are pretty cool!! This must be the impact one of the worlds top agriculture University's brings to life in Sasktoon! Good shopping and more good food. Let's be honest, you are going to be here for a good time not a long time (Trooper play most weekends!), so hopefully you have packed a nice compact Burton duffel with just enough space for a couple days in Saskatoon before you head out of town to the Manitou mineral springs, where a necessary accessory might just be a floating & waterproof phone cover.