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Traveling Vancouver | U.N. Luggage

We're here to ensure that your trip to the vibrant city of Vancouver is nothing short of spectacular. With our extensive range of travel essentials, we've got you covered from departure to return.

While it's not officially the capital of B.C…Vancouver is a contender for Condo capital of the world! Sandwiched between the Canadian Rockies & the mighty Pacific, Vancouverites have been forced to build up, up, up. And what a beautiful job they've done. The building boom that led up to the 2010 Olympics and now beyond has resulted in an uber dense (Canada's most dense!) urban metropolis that has a very different feel from travel in other West Coast cities. Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the most liveable places on earth and it isn't by chance; it caters to it's citizens. Just outside of town you'll find some of the best hiking destinations in the Rocky Mountains, for this you'll need an Osprey backpack to carry all of the essentials on your back. While you won't hear this from anyone living in Vancouver - but other than London - there may be no more appropriate city to pack a Fulton Umbrella. While we're on the topic of rain, Patagonia duffles are made with a water resistant coating, and you wouldn't want to be without your Patagonia gear if you're in BC...

Pack your bags with U.N. Luggage and embark on a memorable Vancouver adventure. Our top-notch products guarantee comfort, security, and style, making your travel experience seamless from start to finish.