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Go Travel Bite Relief
Go Travel Bite Relief
Go Travel Bite Relief

Go Travel Bite Relief

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Size: W 1.6 x H 2.0 x D 0.9

Material: ABS, Nylon, Piezo Unit, Plastic  


When mosquitoes strike, fight back with this ultra soothing mosquito bite relief. Using Piezo-Electric technology, it sends a high voltage low density painless electrical current to the affected area, lessening the release of histamines and reducing swelling and itching. 100% natural, non-allergenic and mild enough to be used by children, this mosquito bite treatment is medically proven and contains over 3000 treatments.


  • Medically proven mosquito bite relief
  • Uses Piezo-Electric technology
  • Reduces swelling & itching
  • 100% Natural & non-allergenic
  • Contains over 3,000 treatments