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RUX 70L (Standard)
RUX 70L (Standard)
RUX 70L (Standard)
RUX 70L (Standard)
RUX 70L (Standard)
RUX 70L (Standard)
RUX 70L (Standard)
RUX 70L (Standard)
RUX 70L (Standard)

RUX 70L (Standard)

Item #PK0122-70B
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Volume:  70L​Empty weight


RUX is a compressible, weatherproof bag with a wide rigid opening for easy gear access, a stowable lid to secure your gear, modular straps for easy carry, and infinite component potential for versatility.


  • Padded removable tri-fold lid with. The trifold creates easy access. 
  • Lid secured with rainproof elastic closure.
  • Utility Rail to attach components or lash to racks.
  • Corner supports pop up to pack. Flat packs.
  • Compression straps & Extra lid security.
  • Adjustable straps for multi-mode carrying.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Clear window to see contents.
  • Puncture resistant base.