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OSPREY 80L Sojourn Review

The Good: Is it a backpack? Is it a duffel? I have no idea...but it's f#*^&kin awesome!

Osprey has really hit a home-run with this bad boy. The Sojourn 80L is almost too good to be true, it's kind of perfect for everything! Hidden backpack straps, wheels, outer pockets AND inside packing pockets (something not many of those other duffels have)... Finally, a winner of a bag to fulfill all of my traveling needs. The curved bottom is perfect for giving you clearance to be pulling over European cobblestones, gravel, whatever/wherever. Like the Autobots from your childhood, the bag transforms instantly and simply right before your eyes?! No, not into a cool sports car... an even COOLER backpack. Incredible. And again, thank gosh for that curved bottom, unlike other bags that dig into your back, this guy sits perfectly and comfortably.

Osprey knows that sometimes travelers can get a little greedy with souvenirs (come on, you know it's true) and that is why this beauty of a bag includes tightening straps across the bag, to keep everything tight and in place. Like a straight jacket tight enough to contain any hardened bag... like... criminal...? Anyway. If you think 80 liters is just a little ridiculous for whatever trip you have in mind, the Sojourn also comes in a 45 liter version of the Exact. Same. Bag. There's not a single fault in the Sojourn. You will never be left wishing you had more space or pockets, comfort and convenience have never been so easy!

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  • I like this ..can it be brought in anytime soon, … Thanks

  • Ummmm, why don’t we have this bag? I feel like I should have been travelling with this friend all year!

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