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Briggs & Riley Torq Trunk Review

Often times when a traveller comes to us for a piece of luggage, they’re looking for one of three sizes of bags: carry-on, medium or large. We believe, however, that there’s another option that should be thrown into that mix- trunks! Specifically, the Briggs & Riley Torq trunks. Although not the first company to come out with this style and shape of bag, Briggs & Riley have just released an updated version of their Torq collection that we think is amazing!


So, what are the benefits of using a trunk compared to your standard piece of luggage (other than looking super cool)? For starters, the wide base of a trunk makes the luggage extremely sturdy and prevents it from tipping over. While most spinner bags allow you to place a backpack, purse, briefcase over the handle bars of the bag, the trunk can fit a carry-on suitcase, or even a car seat, on top of the bag. This makes travelling through the airport a breeze as you only have one item to manoeuvre. Once you’ve arrived to your destination, the narrow shape of a trunk allows it to slide much easier into your rental car compared to a standard piece of luggage, especially if you have more than one bag with you. Most hardsided pieces feature a 50/50 split, meaning they take up double the space when opened flat. Trunks, on the other hand, have a smaller top half, allowing them to be easily placed on a luggage rack and thus take up less space in your hotel room. The smaller top half of the bag includes a built-in suiter that can hold 1-4 shirts and keeps them wrinkle free so you don’t have to worry about any ironing. The top half can be zippered closed to ensure nothing moves around when you close the bag, while the items stored in the larger portion of the bag can be cinched down by two garment panels.


The Torq trunks come in two sizes - Medium (28.5x16.5x15.5, 110.6L), and Extra-Large (32.5x16.5x15.5, 123.9L ). Both sizes are made of 100% virgin Makrolon® polycarbonate material, making the bags extremely durable and lightweight. While most hardsided pieces have a shiny finish to them, the Torq trunks are coated in a matte scratch resistant coating giving them a more industrial look. The outside of the bag includes a TSA friendly combo lock, a leather nameplate and an integrated ID tag sleeve- features that are all intended to keep your belongings secure and ensure that no one will mistake your bag for their own. The handle, which is placed on the outside of the bag to give you a flat packing surface, can stop at three different heights for ease of manoeuvring.

Additionally, like all Briggs bags, the Torq trunks come with a lifetime warranty.

To summarize, we believe that the shape of a trunk makes for an easier traveling experience, and that if you think a trunk is the right fir for you, the Briggs & Riley Torq collection is the way to go! If you’re still not convinced, come down to the shop and see one for yourself, or gives us a call at 1(855)943-1068 and let us help you make your decision.



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